Balanced Scorecard

Since the late 1980’s, Harvard University’s Kaplan and Norton have published articles and case studies on the Balanced Scorecard, including The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action (HBSP, 1996).  This work has stirred up tremendous interest in how to link strategic planning to measures and actions that drive business success.We help clients use the concepts and tools of the Balanced Scorecard to examine their business through the four perspectives of financial results, customer measures, internal business operations, and human resource learning and growth.  These four perspectives are often expanded to include focus on industry and environmental factors, regulatory and safety issues,  and others.  We also may include use of Malcolm Baldrige categories, socio-technical work design, Systems Thinking models and archetypes, risk management tools, etc.

Specifically, we facilitate clients …

  • defining key drivers (lag and lead indicators)
  • selecting measures
  • determining go, caution, and danger zones
  • diagnosing causes of gaps in performance
  • planning/implementing action to get back in strategic alignment

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