Why Would I Want a Coach?

To help me get clear on what I want out of life/work.
Many of us get caught up in the activity and details of the day-to-day. It’s easy to lose sight and perspective of who we really want to be. As coaches, we help you clarify your personal vision and determine what is really important to you. We help you define and work toward short and long-term goals you set for yourself.

To help me stay on course.
We’re always adding more to what we try to do in any given time period. It’s easy to get off track from where we said we want to go.  As coaches, we can hold you accountable to yourself to fulfill your intentions.

To have an empathetic listener committed to my agenda.
Many of us benefit from having someone in whom we can confide.  We are compassionate listeners through constructive dialogue.  We provide you with an opportunity to talk through your strategies prior to taking action.  We’ll help you draw out the consequences of various strategies so you can make the best decision.

To help me keep motivated.
Many of us are highly competent and enthusiastic, and yet, at times we get down on ourselves and feel defeated.  As coaches we can help remind you of your vision, your strengths, your desires and your abilities to achieve what you find meaningful in your life.

To help me get and keep balance.
We often find ourselves getting out of touch with who we want to be.  When that happens, both work and personal satisfaction can suffer.  We will help you identify and stay connected to those people and things that keep you in balance.

To help me build new skills.
The times are changing.  It’s hard to keep up with all the new knowledge and skills you need to be successful. We can help you identify what you need to learn to get where you’re going, and implement a development plan that will make those new skills part of your repertoire.

To help me rethink and redesign my career.
Many people find that they just sort of drifted into the work they are doing.  It doesn’t seem like it was a choice, but rather just happened.  Now is the time to make more informed choices of where you want to apply yourself to make a difference.  As coaches, we can help you clarify career goals in concert with your life vision so you get connected to work that is important to you. We can also help you refine your resume and determine to whom and how to market your abilities.

Whatever the reasons you may want a coach, we are happy to explore with you the kind of coaching you would benefit from most.  If it seems that what you are looking for doesn’t match with who we are, we will gladly refer you to others who might be more on target with your needs.

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