Team Training

Managing Horizons works with clients in several industries facilitating interventions that fall under a team training umbrella. Their work addresses such diverse needs as:

  • training on the team development process from a collection of individual contributors through high performance work teams (and on to self-directed/managed teams as appropriate)
  • identifying and measuring behaviors of effectiveness
  • understanding and adapting to personal style preferences that affect teamwork
  • improving intra- and inter-team communication
  • facilitating strategic planning sessions with executive teams, middle management, and self managed work teams
  • training and modeling effective meeting management skills
  • training and facilitating group problem analysis and decision making (such as quality-improvement teams)
  • team motivation
  • cross-functional mentoring

Methods and Approaches

The most effective interventions are those for which a design is co-developed following some initial data gathering from participants and stakeholders.

During the actual intervention, we utilize numerous techniques and approaches. These run the gamut from primarily discussion-oriented sessions such as facilitating a planning meeting to highly experiential workshops that challenge teams to work collaboratively to solve problems, experience breakthrough thinking and behaviors, and apply learnings to their work and personal lives.

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