101 Things To Work On With Your Coach

To show you the vast number of different areas in life where people have problems, gaps, or other impediments, here is a large list of things which coaches work on with their clients in four main areas.  Most coaching clients have several things they work on with their coach in more than one area. Print out this form, then go in and check or fill in the degree of importance each statement has in your current life situation. If you find one or a few that are “high,” and have no clues or plans on how to resolve the problem or change the situation to a healthy and successful one, a coach could help you!

Section 1. Business/Career 

Low ——High

1. I see the importance providing even more value to my clients or customers than they receive currently.
2. I need to make a change or advancement in my career or profession.
3. It’s important to learn how to better prepare my staff, customers or colleagues for change.
4. I need to put together a budget, and/or strategic plan for my business or project.
5. I need to become more effective and/or efficient in how I do my work or run my business.
6. I see the need to deliver work or service at a higher level of excellence, standards or even perfection.
7. I want to more easily and more powerfully influence my staff, vendors and colleagues.
8. I feel the need to invest more time and money into my business/professional skill set.
9. I definitely need to feel, think and act more like a strong leader than I do now.
10. It’s important to me to build and leave a legacy in this lifetime.
11. I could probably better leverage my assets, resources, connections or talents.
12. I see the need to become a stronger, more effective manager of people, projects and results.
13. I am ready to totally master what I do professionally. I want to be the best at what I do.
14. I wish to learn key negotiating skills which will help me get what I want, but also create a Win-Win-Win.
15. I need to increase the size, scope and depth of my professional network and community.
16. I see the need to increase my personal or company’s productivity significantly.
17. I want to feel like a real pro and be regarded as a real pro by my
customers and colleagues.
18. I definitely want to increase the profits of my business.
19. I have an important project that would probably progress more smoothly if I had a coach for support.
20. I need to learn and really master selling skills so that I can increase revenue immediately.
21. I need to develop a marketing plan or create unique ways to market my product or service.
22. I need to install administrative, selling or management systems in my business or work.
23. I want to learn effective team building skiffs and management techniques to bring out the best of my group.
24. I want to improve my timing, synergy and synchronicity, so that I don’t miss out on opportunities.
25. I feel the need to properly articulate my business or professional vision so that it is compelling.

Section 2. Dealing With Life

Low ——High

26. I recognize the need to become someone who accepts things more readily, with less resistance.
27. I want to more quickly assimilate what I notice, experience or learn, and apply it immediately.
28. I see the need to become a ‘bigger,’ more magnanimous person and I’m ready to change.
29. I need to set much wider boundaries so that I am not taken advantage of, or disrespected, by others.
30. I need to become a much more compassionate person and more patient with others.
31. I have important projects, situations or problems that I haven’t completed, but need to.
32. I need to gain a broader perspective or context about fife, myself, my life and/or my work.
33. My life is fairly ‘expensive’ to my body, heart and/or spirit and I need to reduce these ‘stress costs’.
34. I would be more effective and successful if I had more of an Edge or more inner confidence.
35. I believe that I can get a lot more done with a lot less effort. I want life to be effortless.
36. I have noticed others who are very graceful in how they deal with life and I want to be that way as well.
37. I would like to become more grateful for what I do have, instead of always needing more.
38. I am someone who is ready to take a lot more initiative in certain parts of my personal and business life.
39. I need to more completely integrate the various elements of my personal and work life.
40. I need to increase the level of integrity in my life; I currently feel out of integrity in at least one area of my life.
41. I would like to better prioritize my goals, responsibilities, roles and projects so that I don’t fall behind.
42. I feel overwhelmed or am in a swirl, and feel the need to get back on a more solid footing based in reality.
43. I find myself slowed down by either resistance or fear, or both, and I am ready to work through this.
44. I wish to become a person who responds quickly and fully to both
opportunities and problems as they occur.
45. I don’t feel as physically or financially safe as I want to feel and I am ready to do something about it.
46. I feel the need to simplify my life, perhaps even dramatically.
47. I am ready to raise my standards of behavior, expectations, relationships and lifestyle.
48. I want to learn how to deal with difficult people in a more constructive, yet powerful, way.
49. I need to manage my time better in order to get the most out of each day, yet have enough time for myself.
50. I am tolerating more than I know is good for me and I would like to work on this.

Section 3. You As A Person

Low ——High

51. I would like to improve my physical appearance and presentation so that I am delighted with how I look.
52. It’s time to update some of the assumptions I’ve made about myself or life, and upgrade my paradigm.
53. I am interested in identifying and focusing on selected Attainments.
54. I feel out of balance, like I’m juggling parts of my life. I’d like to get back in balance.
55. I want to make significant changes to my body in terms of weight, tone and/or strength.
56. I would like to strengthen or perfect my character.
57. I need to have more confidence in how I present myself; I’m ready to develop this part of myself.
58. I want to have more of a positive effect on others, without trying to dominate or control them.
59. I feel the need to improve the quality of my physical and/or spiritual energy.
60. I need some help to improve the communication, cooperation and love within my family.
61. I feel that I have a special gift, but I would like to better identify and orient myself around my gift.
62. I would like to be much happier than I am right now.
63. I would like to develop my mind and intellect more than I have. I need a challenge.
64. I would like to accurately identify and once-and-for all satisfy all my personal needs.
65. I would like to be more consistently passionate about my life and/or my work.
66. I feel the need to be more at peace with myself, life and/or others.
67. I need to develop or improve my personality, attitude and how I come across.
68. I am ready to enjoy my life a lot more and experience more pleasure.
69. I am intrigued about the idea of becoming a completely Problem-Free Zone.
70. I feel like I want to become a lot more receptive to new ideas, approaches and views.
71. I see the value in building significant reserves in all areas of my life: Time, money, love, and opportunity.
72. I need to take much better care of myself: Body, mind and spirit.
73. I want to get to know and understand myself better, and to know what makes me tick/motivates me.
74. I feel the need for significant spiritual development and/or to embark on a spiritual path that fits for me.
75. I want to develop a stronger personal style and be able to express myself fully.

Section 4. Personal Success

Low ——High

76. I would learn how to attract success to me instead of pushing so hard for it.
77. I know that I need to become more aware more quickly of what’s occurring to and around me.
78. I see the need to increase my bandwidth – that’s the ability to quickly receive and process lots of information.
79. I need to deliberately cause (meaning to create) my life and success, instead of waiting for it to happen.
80. I recognize the need to be a lot more coachable and flexible to input from others.
81. I would he to learn the key coaching skills so that I can be more effective with others.
82. I need to improve my communication and speaking skills so that I am better heard and understood.
83. I’d like to contribute more to others without feeling that I am wasting my time or resources.
84. I’d like to become much more creative in my life and/or unblock what gets in the way of my creating.
85. I would like to develop a formal schooling/education plan or strategy for my life and career.
86. I have several important goals that I would probably reach sooner if I had support and advice from a coach.
87. I have great ideas but I need to develop them into something that is financially and personally rewarding.
88. I want to learn how to be inter developmental with everyone, meaning to work in collaboration/partnership.
89. I need to develop my intuition so that it’s finely tuned and/or to fully respect and immediately respond to it.
90. I need to increase my vocabulary and/or learn how to language and phrase my thoughts better.
91. I would like to create a coordinated and comprehensive Life Plan for the next 5 years.
92. I am ready to become a much better listener; I want to really hear what others are saying or trying to say.
93. I need a complete life makeover, starting from the ground up.
94. I need help in becoming much better organized with paperwork, bill-paying, or other tasks.
95. I want to develop a customized personal reading program to better educate myself or expand my thinking.
96. I need help to either resolve a relationship problem or improve a key relationship.
97. I would like to get to know all of the parts of myself better so that I can make better decisions/be happier.
98. I want to start saving or increase the amount that I’m saving each year.
99. I need to quickly turn around a very important part of my life.
100. I see the value of getting online and understanding the internet and Web; I want to get wired!

And finally…

101. I want to learn more about what love is, how it works, and how to become more loving to everyone.

Please forward a copy of this completed checklist to your personal coach!

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