Suggested Focus for Host Presentation

If this is your first host presentation, I’d like to invite you to take about 1/2 hour of the meeting to tell us more about your company. Think of this as a time to fill in the details about your specific role, challenges and opportunities, current financial situation and trends, business vision. This is a business overview/update that we’ll incorporate in all future meetings. You might also consider whether to give us a quick tour and/or introduce us to some key people who you may be talking about in our meetings. Sometimes, the hosts have even had their people do some of the presentation. Go to the Member Introduction page. Refer to B and C to help you fill in some details.

If this is your second or subsequent host presentation, consider what membership changes, if any, have occurred since you did your last host presentation. Present your current financial situation and trends, and decide what other parts of the above paragraph still apply.  Other members will want to know where you’re going and how you plan to get there. This will help us help you achieve your plan. Use one of the following: