Business Plan Template

consultants in organization effectiveness
providing support in development of
human resources and organizational systems

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Org'l Development
Mgmt Development
Team Development

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Developed by ______________________________

Date ___________________

Company Description

Answers questions such as: Who do we serve with what product(s) and service(s)? What geographic are do we target? How big are we?





Mission or Purpose

Answers questions such as: Why do we exist? What significant problem(s) do we solve? What difference does it make that we are here?






Answers questions such as: If we live our mission, what will we look like in X years? How will our customers view us in X years? What will be our financial status and/or product mix in X years? What will we feel passionate about trying to create?





Core Values

Answers questions such as: What do we believe? What kind of a culture will we nurture? What is the priority mix among customers, employees, owners, and top management?





Answers questions such as: What will we accomplish during the next 1 -2 years with respect to financial results, customer satisfaction, improvements in internal operations, and development of our employees? How will these accomplishments be measured?






Strengths/Areas of Improvement


Answers questions such as: What positive things do our customers, employees and owners say about us? What are our core competencies? What do we do that no one else does – or does as well? What resources do we have at our disposal that we do/can leverage?






Areas for Improvement:

Answers questions such as: What feedback have we received from any source that tells us of a dissatisfaction or opportunity to do better? What are things we know about ourselves that need to be improved – and that when improved will provide greater value to our customers?



Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Answers questions such as: What industry are we in and how is it changing? Who are our customers? Who are our competitors? What differentiates us from our competition that makes a difference in the mind of our customers? How well are we positioned for the changes likely to occur in the next 1 – 5 years? What steps will we take to penetrate deeper into current markets? What steps will we take to expand into other markets?











Answers questions such as: What is our current balance sheet (income and expenses)? What is our projected balance sheet per year out for X years? Where will the money come from and where will it go? What assets will we retain to grow the company?




Improving Business Results and Quality of Life.

For more information, or for comments and questions, please contact us at info[at]ManagingHorizons[dot]com.

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