Operating Principles: a work in progress

Maintain strict confidentiality

Be forthcoming and authentic

Bring significant business and personal topics to the group

Be open to feedback and learning

Be caring and supportive with one another in your feedback and advice (language from Atlanta Consulting Group: tell the truth, with compassion)

Discomfort is to be expected in growth — but we need not rip out another’s heart

Be aware of and share your boundaries

Give Gil permission and support to facilitate — e.g. manage the time, surface deeper issues, help hold members accountable

All members to do the same — especially mutual accountability and monitoring of sharing

Be appreciative and celebrate each other’s successes and efforts

Turn off disruptive electronic devices during meeting times

It may be OK to do work with/for other members of this Vistage group.  However, the members involved and Gil should discuss potential challenges of working together and bring the possibility to the group for awareness and feedback regarding any concerns.  If a member does work for another member it can make for a stronger relationship.  On the other hand, it could make it difficult to discuss certain significant issues in the group with a supplier or customer present.  It will also affect the group dynamic.  Proceed with caution and candor.

Attendance guidelines: We need each other to be present to get the best help when working our issues. Therefore, the expectation is to miss no more than 2 meetings in any 12 month period.  Exceptions: 1) New members will have a bit of leeway for dates that were scheduled prior to joining and that cannot be changed.  2) Members who have a crisis – work or personal – that must be a higher priority. Members who are unable to make this continuing commitment should consider leaving the group until such time they can hold to this commitment.  Rejoining will be contingent on space in the group and that there is not a member with whom they compete or have a vertical market relationship.

If you know in advance that you have to miss a meeting, contact all other members and Gil (email is OK) to inform people of the situation. If possible, plan to call in during the meeting to at least touch base; if time, to work a topic.

Membership in a Vistage group typically lasts for many years and builds strong bonds. If a member must leave the group, that member is expected to honor the deep relationships by coming to a last meeting to say goodbye.


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