Prepare an agenda item for a Vistage meeting

consultants in organization effectiveness
providing support in development of
human resources and organizational systems

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Name: ________________________________ Date: __________________

How do I ______________________________________________________________


Priority (check one)

bullet A – I need help from the group today (degree of urgency as well as importance)
bullet B – This can wait til next month and/or I have other resources for assistance
bullet C – This can wait and it’s not that important; nice to get to if time
bullet D – I don’t plan to bring this to the group at this time because __________________

Kind of help I believe I need from Vistage: (check one or more)

bullet Thought partner(s) with whom to dialogue
bullet Identify where I’m struggling or stuck
bullet Validate my planned actions
bullet Challenge my planned actions
bullet Hear and empathize with my feelings (non judgmental support)
bullet Clarify action steps to take in next 30 days
bullet Hold me accountable
bullet Other ___________________________________

Who do I need assistance from in this group? (check one or more)

bullet 121 with Gil
bullet 121 with other member: _________________-
bullet mini board (2 –3 other members often work with)
bullet small group (5 – 8 other members – random or topic selection)
bullet full group (I need the widest range of experience and perspectives – and/or belief that majority will give/receive value from discussion)
bullet My.Vistage website library and best practices
bullet Other: ___________________________________

What do I need to prepare to optimize the time we spend on this? Topic worksheet; background data – Anything to provide ahead of time?





Notes (including date and status):