Vistage Topics Worksheet

Word Document available in our DropBox.

This worksheet will help you think through and plan what to present to your Vistage group about a significant topic with which you are dealing.  You may also want to consider using various media to help present your topic.

Member: ___________________________________

Meeting Date: _____________ Priority (A, B, C): _____

The topic is:
(Be concise. In one or two sentences, describe the heart of the topic. Is it a concern, challenge, opportunity, problem, upset, personal problem, etc.?)


It is significant because:
(Effect on dollars, people, products, services, customers, family, timing, the future, values, etc.)



My ideal outcome would be:
(What you really want to happen.)



Relevant background information:
(Short bullet points on How, When, Why, Where it started, Who the key players are, the forces at work, today’s status, and future impact)




Where I am at this point:
(What are the various options you have? What actions have you taken or plan to take?)




The help I want from my Vistage group is:
(What specific result do you want from the Vistage group? For example, higher confidence that the decision is right, possible solutions, alternatives, consequences, sources for information, critique of current plan, etc.)